ONE with Nature

A Four Week Desert Wilderness Course

with Mark Hofgard, Wilderness Guide, Musician, and Teacher


Next Session Starts July 2nd, 2010


Live in Balance with the Earth, Move in Harmony with Nature

Open your Energetic Gateways to the Earth and Your Inner Self

Become Your Own Shaman



Open Your Perception and Awareness, and your Life Follows


We live in one of the most unique and perfect ecosystems on the planet – the Sonoran Desert.  I came here from another incredible place, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  I’ve also experienced living and being with the Pacific Ocean and the Great Plains.  Every place on the Earth has a special meaning, a special resonance that you can feel, learn about, and integrate into your own life.  There is Wisdom here, and it yearns to be with us NOW! 


Step Outside, and I will show you some very unorthodox approaches to living with the Earth.  

Native and Aboriginal cultures would rely upon Shaman, Medicine Man or Woman, or Priest to understand the things that cannot be seen.   The Shaman’s job is to explore these realms, and bring back knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of the Tribe….AND for herself or himself.   This information and knowledge is available to us all – if we might only ask, We Shall Receive.


Are you wondering about 2012, Earth Changes, Global Transformation, the Mayan “End of Time,” the Biblical Revelation, and the many ancient prophecies pointing to this time on the Earth?  It is not as complicated as we might think.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING we need is right here, right now, and available to us to tap into.  All that we need to do is open our perception and awareness to the magic and intelligence of Nature.


This course is for those who are willing to step outside of previously defined personal boundaries, and outside of the belief systems maintained by our current culture.  These belief systems are no longer valid, and cannot keep pace with the rapid changes taking place on the planet.   Trust in this process, and wonderful things unfold.  This is my promise to you.


I am your Guide.   But you are already the Master.   Allow me to assist you to experience this, and follow where your Spirit desires.

ONE with Nature Course Curriculum


Each meeting has its own special significance.  You are asked to bring a journal to record what you perceive so that you may utilize this on your Spiritual Path.   You may also bring a camera to record the Beauty that you now perceive.


Meeting One - Lavendar Moon Store & Holistic Center, 14130 W. McDowell Rd.  Topics include:

              -The Human Body-Mind-Spirit and its relationship to the Earth

              -Wei Chi and other energy systems of the body

              -Earth Transformation and our relationship to the process

              -Cultural barriers

              -Traditional and unorthodox modes of Perception

              -Nature spirits, Devic Kingdom, Essene and other ancient concepts of Nature Beings


Meeting Two – Field Trip to the Desert (half-day), meet at Lavendar Moon Store            

Meeting Three – Long Field Trip to Sears Point Petroglyphs, Yuma County OR Eagletail Wilderness (all day)

Meeting Four – Field Trip to the Desert (half-day)   

Field Trip Topics include:

              -Moving safely off-trail

              -Intuitive guidance in the outdoors

              -Recognizing natural energy pathways

              -Communing with plant, animal, and mineral life

              -Daily practices to open your energetic pathways to the surroundings

              -Interpreting information

              -Blending your energies with Nature


Cost $375


Call 623-935-0501 to register for Spring/Summer Courses

YES! I do this outside year-round especially when it’s hot….I’ll show you how to stay cool and comfortable.



About Mark


The inspiration for Mark’s work comes from decades of solitary wilderness journeys and self-exploration.  Raised in Boulder, Colorado, he has spent many years climbing and exploring the mountains and other wilderness areas.  His life experiences are many and varied – father to three awesome grown children, lawyer, management consultant, wilderness guide, martial arts instructor, mountain climber, freestyle skier, and ultra-marathon runner.


Mark’s life path reflects the many insights and lessons that Nature gives to all.  He has re-discovered ways of relating to the Earth that are so simple and direct that it boggles the contemporary mind.   It is his intention that everyone can find their own truth through a relationship with the natural world around us.